The Kin Foundation Is Hiring an Executive Director

As Kin enters a new phase of growth and adoption, the Kin Foundation is searching for a full-time Executive Director to lead this exciting market evolution and expansion across the increasingly decentralized and energized ecosystem of Kin stakeholders, developers, influencers and vibrant online communities.

This will be a pivotal position at an important moment in our history. Having peaked at 4 million monthly active spenders, with new users joining daily, Kin’s trajectory has reached a point where we need to scale to handle this steady growth.

Given the growth of the Kin Ecosystem, its vibrant Community, committed Developers, and diverse offerings and programs (eg Kin Ads), we felt there was a need to better harness all these efforts via a managed and coordinated approach and direct leadership that can benefit all stakeholders.

After careful assessment of our needs, and with input from the Kin Community Council, the Kin Representatives, the Kin Foundation’s Board and Kik, we have defined the key requirements for this new function.

This is a key leadership position with an opportunity to make a significant impact on the entire Kin Ecosystem. Reporting to the Foundation’s Board, the Executive Director will be responsible for leading, managing and coordinating 3 key areas for the Kin Foundation:

Foundation Operations (25%)Ecosystem Growth (25%)Marketing Strategy and Outreach (50%)
If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please head over to this link where you can read the Job Responsibilities and Qualifications, and apply:

We are also promoting this listing on Reddit, Twitter and across a variety of online job boards such as Indeed, Monster and others.

Please help us get the word out, or apply!

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