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Solana AMA – Update

On May 22nd, Kik Engineering made a formal proposal to migrate from the Kin Blockchain to the Solana Blockchain. On June 9th, the Kin Community Council announced an AMA and started welcoming questions.

Within the space of one week, The Kin Foundation approved the Solana migration proposal on June 15th with 98.7% of the developers voting yes, and 100% of the node operators voting yes.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to Solana for taking the time to do this for the community…


How the next swap will look like? (RoosTer)

The Kin Foundation accepted the migration on June 15th. The Solana Foundation will be working with the Kin Ecosystem participants on a migration strategy and roadmap. The intention of the migration strategy is to be as lightweight and seamless as possible and should require minimal action for Kin holders. The Kin Blockchain and the Solana Blockchain run on the same elliptic curve making a migration pathway analogous to a system update, unlike the previous migration from Ethereum to Stellar that required a manual swap. A more detailed roadmap will be shared by the Kin Foundation in the upcoming weeks.


When will Solana Mainnet be released? (Polype01)

The Solana blockchain is currently on mainnet, but is in the ‘beta’ phase. The ‘beta’ does not correlate with specific features, but rather time the network has been on mainnet. You can think of this as how Gmail was in ‘beta’ phase up until they had well over 100 million users. We created our genesis block and used it to launch mainnet beta on March 16th, the network has been safely idling around 185 tps with 0.45s block times. We are currently at ~18 million blocks and have completed over 1 million transactions. You can view the network here:


What is your estimated integration date of KIN within the Solana Mainnet? (Polype01)

There are still several critical details to figure out, so the Solana Foundation can not give an exact estimate, but we do expect the entire migration to be completed by January 2021.


Will the token still be called Kin? (vincecoll)

It will be no different the way the token was still called Kin after the migration to Stellar.


Will the token swap be 1 to 1? (vincecoll)

Kin will be handling token swap.


Will SOL be issued to users who already own kin? (AaM)

There is a grant to the Kin Foundation planned, based on the number of users who spend monthly on the Solana blockchain. Any questions about the distribution of those tokens should be directed to the Kin Foundation.


Why did Solana launch mainnet without a fully functioning block explorer? Why is it limited to blocks 9446449 and up? (throwawayburros)

The network is currently in the mainnet beta phase, which means the network is still new and we are actively working on enabling new features. Currently our explorer only caches transactions for 30 days but we are actively working on fixing this.


Why is Solana burning tokens without a functional public block explorer that the community can use to verify said burnings? (throwawayburros)

You can view all the details around the all token activity, including the coin burn in the transparency report here:


Solana had its very first commit on Feb 13, 2018 according to GitHub. Are you sure this platform is stable enough for Kin… which in the past used much more weathered blockchains? (ideaDash)

The mainnet beta has been running since March 16th. Since then, we have created ~18M blocks and processed over 1 million transactions. Solana is the only blockchain that can provide Kin the necessary TPS and cost to continue growing.


Can you please explain exactly what kind of stress tests KIN made to come to the conclusion SOL is the right choice? (CLITL)

The Kin engineers and developers carefully studied our documents and Github. Their research concluded that to handle the current growth Kin is seeing; they needed to move to Solana.


What exactly does the Solana platform offer that cannot be achieved with the Stellar fork? (Basoosh)

65,000 transactions a second, 400ms block times, and $0.0001 per transaction costs.


Please note, some questions could not be answered by the Solana team. For questions regarding the migration process, please be aware that the Kin Foundation will be releasing a detailed roadmap in the coming weeks.

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