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Solana AMA – Announcement

The Kin Council is excited to join forces with the team at Solana to deliver an AMA for the community!

On May 22nd, Kik Engineering made a formal proposal to migrate from the Kin Blockchain to the Solana Blockchain and we have been welcoming questions regarding the potential move.

The submission form is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question! Answers will be published in the next edition of Cuppa Kin.

For those who don’t use Reddit (or do and missed them), the Solana team has already answered some questions over there. We’ve compiled them here for your convenience…


Hi there! Thanks for stepping in! Super excited for this and think this is a great move.

The biggest difference between the Kin fork of Stellar and Stellar is whitelisted transactions to make them free of fees. How will Solana handle fees?

Of course 🙂

At the current state it costs $0.00001 for over 1 million transactions. So fees are negligible. We are still working out these finer details.


What does this mean for some folks who have still yet to swap to stellar? Will an ETH to SOL swap be available?

Yes, this is in our roadmap for 2020


Welcome too in the very active and diverse KIN community. There are all kinds of people around here, from extremely pro to like totally negative towards KIN.

In my opinion the more important discussions will be with ecosystem partners, some of them didn’t even switch to the Stellar fork. Maybe because they have anticipated that it won’t be the last time?! How much work is it for them to migrate to Solana?

This seems totally fair, we only want them to switch to us if they truly believe we are the better option.

A lot of details need to be worked out but I can assure you ease of transition will be a top priority.


Thank you for your interest in our situation. We would like to kindly remind you that programming requires testing. You write the code, then you test it. We are currently unable to understand how its possible to release an app without being able to test the Solana cryptocurrency sections. If you are able to shed some light on this, we would be extremely grateful for your guidance.

Hey this is a fair question, I believe as a US company you should not have any issues. We have the dev net which anyone can utilize regardless of country. You can also join our Discord at
-> #developers this is where you can get direct answers from our devs!


When will solidity be ready on solana?

We are working on an EVM! Give it maybe two months.


So we need to swap our coins again?

No you do not 🙂 SOL will be used like ETH is used for gas.


Does Solana have any insight into the CODE wallet and will you be involved with CODE at all?

As of now, we have nothing planned


I believe Solana supports smart contract, but I can’t see documentation about this on the site. Is it possible to build smart contracts on Solana? is the best place to start for now!

What do you think?