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MonkingMe First to Sponsor the New Cuppa Kin Website

MonkingMe has signed the first Media Sponsorship with Cuppa Kin through Social Graph Media, a new agency dedicated to growing the Media utility of the Kin Ecosystem. Social Graph Media will look to take 10% of all Kin based media campaign profits and give it back to the community through giveaways. Sign up here to get notified:

Please click here to download MonkingMe and support our sponsor.

Built by Josh, an experienced advertising and tech leader based out of Toronto, Canada; will look to educate the advertising agency community on future emerging opportunities to engage consumers with currencies such as Kin.

“My view is that we are seeing the “financialization” of every single type of interaction online. From NFT’s, micro tipping, paying consumers to view ads, giveaways and many more yet to be created. My view is traditional advertising agencies, media and brands will look to participate in the coming years”

– Josh, Co-Founder Kin Ads, SocialGraph.Media

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