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Kreechures – AMA Announcement

We’re excited to announce the second episode of our new Kin developer AMA series!

This time the Kin Community is quizzing Daniel, the founder of Kreechures, an NFT crypto collectable RPG powered by Kin and Solana!

If you need inspiration for your questions you can click here to watch an introductory video of Kreechures from Crypto Kin News, and here to listen to a more recent podcast from The Kin Show with Tony Jacob.

Where to submit your questions…


Google Forms

Cuppa Kin on Twitter (please include #KreechuresAMA)

The Kin Channel on Telegram (please include #KreechuresAMA)

Questions will be open for a minimum of 1 week, can close without notice, and will be answered at the discretion of the Kreechures development team as soon as possible. Please keep all questions Kreechures, NFT and Kin/Solana related.

Answers will be published on Cuppa Kin so stay tuned and follow along on Twitter for updates!

What do you think?