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Kin – Scaling to Handle Explosive Growth

By Will Gikandi

Something new is coming. Just as farming societies differed in kind from hunting and gathering bands, and industrial societies differed radically from feudal or yeoman agricultural systems, so the New World to come will mark a radical departure from anything seen before.
The Sovereign Individual

Some of Kin’s Ecosystem partners

While DeFi tokens have been exploding in popularity over the last few months, Kin’s ecosystem has been growing to a point where its Stellar fork is starting to burst at the seams.


Kin is no stranger to controversy, and has been the subject of a court case with the SEC for the last two years. Rather than litigate and settle quietly, like other companies, Kik Interactive chose to battle the SEC publicly and push to update the definition of a security — instead of regulating by enforcement as the SEC has been doing to the crypto-currency industry.

So far, every crypto the SEC has approached has bent the knee, and either paid a crippling fine or been shut down. Kik’s battle will set a precedent in the industry and inject certainty into the crypto universe.

While You Weren’t Looking

While everyone was distracted by this fight, Kin has been quietly manoeuvring itself to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world.

Organic Demand

Kin has been working to increase its organic demand by creating incentives for regular users to buy and use Kin in apps. While DeFi positions itself to create value for investors, and other cryptos scramble for exchanges, Kin is creating value by pulling apps and millions of regular users through the Kin Rewards Engine. The end goal is to create massive demand for Kin through every app that joins the ecosystem.

Growth Challenges

Kin has been clawing its way up, and has reached a point where it has outgrown its current blockchain, and needs to scale to Solana, so that it can onboard additional partners and users while maintaining a solid user experience.

“Given the open nature of crypto-networks, the underlying technology stack is entirely dynamic. What really matters is the go-to-market strategy. Everything else is a feature that can be forked in or forked out.”
~ Tanner Philp

Handling Growth

To manage this growth, Kin has released Agora, an SDK that allows current and new partners to switch to Solana’s blockchain with minimal interruption to service. Solana can handle 65K transactions per second, and will hopefully be able to manage Kin’s growth in the short to medium term.

What Does This Mean?

If Kin can maintain growth while increasing demand, every new user added will become a potential purchaser of Kin. Tying Kin to a growing app economy will mean added value, month on month that is independent of the crypto bear or bull that should grow despite investor speculation.

Executive Director

With this in mind, the Kin Foundation is looking to acquire an Executive Director to manage Ecosystem Growth, Marketing and Operations. The Director’s role will serve to:

1. Accelerate Growth
2. Increase awareness
3. Oversee the launch and migration to the Solana blockchain

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please head over to this link where you can read the Job Responsibilities and Qualifications, and apply.


So far, Kin has managed to keep itself under the radar, while successfully acquiring millions of users and securing ecosystem partners. What remains to be seen is if Kin can successfully migrate to Solana, maintain its growth and actively acquire new partners into its ecosystem.

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Looking to the Future

Kin has spent the last two years:

1. Positioning itself
2. Onboarding partners
3. Perfecting its incentive mechanisms

Kin is poised to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world, and will pull millions of active users into its ecosystem. Growth drives users, and users increase value.

Most cryptos start by marketing and then building their product. Kin did this in reverse.

Kin has maneuvered itself to a position of relative advantage, and is now starting to go public.

Stay tuned for updates as Kin begins to publicly scale its growth.

First you win, and then you go to war.
~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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