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Kin Community Rewards 1.1

By Kin Community Council

The Kin Community Rewards program has awarded 1 billion Kin over the past two quarters to productive community members. As a result, we’ve already seen a noticeable increase in constructive contributions – and this is only the beginning. We’re excited about the next round coming up and we have another 500,000,000 Kin to reward. The deadline for quarter 3 submissions is September 30th, so make sure to make your contributions and submit before then!

While judging the latest round of KCR submissions, a number of learnings surfaced which might work as a guide to improve the program moving forward. As such, we wanted to update the community on iterations we want to make in order to address those points.

Entry Submission & Processing

Entrants should receive a confirmation receipt along with a general target for turn-around time (e.g. 45 days from window closing).Submissions that are rejected for any reason should result in a message explaining why along with any potential recommendations for improvement, so that the entrant has the opportunity to correct the application or increase the impact of their contribution.Contributions should be able to be batched into one entry on the website.

Scoring Rubric Improvements

Kin Improvement Proposals can only be submitted once, if submitted before a resolution is reached any potential increase in score after approval is foregone. (We are exploring the potential of allowing previously submitted proposals to date to be submitted again for an adjusted score pending approval).Each submission should pertain to specific contribution(s) to be evaluated independently, not general participation (for example, submitting a social media account as a whole may not qualify, but a specific Tweet or series of Tweets might; creating a Kin community on Telegram may not qualify, but under certain conditions might, etc.).The cumulative advantage of submitting multiple entries needs to be addressed (work in progress).

Highlighting Achievements

Some aspects of the KCR program have been working phenomenally well, and thus the Council would like to figure out a way to double down and incentivize even more of these types of submissions:

Bug reports relating to the Kin SDK and the KRE that Kin Engineering acts on and close on Github.Examples: Kin Spend Guidelines 2.0, Simon’s bug reporting.
Quality content like articles in prominent publications, blog posts, video content, and more.Examples: KINKRE, Kinformant.
Tools built that community members or developers can use to enhance their ability to use KinExamples: Kin Bubbles.
Kin themed media content such as infographics, memes that have gone viral.Viral social media content that reaches a large audience of real people.Any quality content in a language other than English.

Of course, please don’t hesitate to make high quality submissions that don’t fall into these categories. We are happy to reward creative contributions that benefit the Kin ecosystem.

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