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Josh of Kin Ads – AMA #2

Josh and Lee from the Kin Community Council have an off the cuff chat and field community questions in the second Kin Ads AMA…

Do you see any potential issues for Kin Ads during the migration to Solana?

1. Will Kin Ads be used as a marketing incentive to future Kin apps by the Kin Foundation? If so, is there any talk to make a joint effort with the KF? And if not, how will you market it to future devs?

2. Have you developed a relationship with Ted, the KF and Kik, and if so, what is the extent of the relationship with them?

3. As it’s in the best interest of everyone to help Kin Ads to grow, how can we as a community contribute to Kin Ads in our free time?

1. How scaleable is Kin Ads currently?

2. Are ‘buy’ transactions tagged differently in the blockchain?

1. How much time and effort is required for an existing Kin app to implement Kin Ads? And how would that process differ from a non-Kin integrated app?

2. There are some viral apps about brain training that use points to get a clue to solve riddles. You can get these points watching a video or paying in fiat. Why would it be better for them to use Kin and Kin Ads? Could they get a better engagement and monetizing system?

Can you share any figures on how many people have watched an advert and do they know if its increasing the use of the apps. If so, what’s the latest figures % wise of increase usability?


Thanks to everyone who submitted a question!

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