In Case You Missed It – September 2021

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Who is the Kin Ecosystem Community?

Perfect365 to Build eCommerce Marketplace Utilizing Kin and Integrate In-App Buy Module

Drill Down on SPL Tokens Reveals KINโ€™s Leadership

How Subscription Models Enhance User Engagement

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Community Highlights

Just Joking Rewards

TREBEL posted their first Community Discussion…

Testing The Waters – Just Joking

How To Stake On Just Joking

Perfect365 with more then 100M users can really take off with a KRE based on SPENDS!

Apple and in-app purchases ๐Ÿ‘€

Some thoughts about the KRE

KRE Vision (A Different Perspective Again)

Feedback on App Idea

Part 2: Long Term Vision for the KRE

Great article about Kin and Solana, mentioning Kreechures too

Fiyer Social Network (v2 preview) – Instagram Alternative with KIN Cryptocurrency

Part 1: KRE Evalution


For all the Kin advocates out there…

Kin Army – (We need your help) – Ongoing KIN withdrawal issues on BitGlobal

KRE Emergency Fix

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