In Case You Missed It – October 2021

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Kin Online Community Update Q1 – Q3 2021: +33% Growth!

Empowering E-commerce with Kin in Perfect365

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The Kin Show

007 Andrew M. – CTO Kinny; Andrew’s military and crypto background, early bitcoiner days, Mt Gox hack, investing in Kin, Kinny Technologies, Kinny’s Kin Flutter/Dart SDK

Community Highlights

Very helpful if Flutter community begins using Kin — an idea for how to get started

BitGlobal deposits/withdrawals of Kin have now resumed

William AMA with AscendEx

Happy to make Memes for any apps in the ecosystem

Request for Input – Post re: Migrating to Solana

The Kin Show – Recent Updates & Community Input

Check out my awesome crypto birthday cake, featuring Kin!

5 Apps Leading The Way To The Web 3 Economy

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