In Case You Missed It – November 2021

Official Kin Newsletter

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Official Blogs

kiNFT — A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Kin Enabled NFT Store in 30 Minutes

Ramp Adds Kin To Its Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency Platform

3 New Apps Join The Kin Ecosystem

Kin x Raydium: Liquidity Pools & Yield Farming Launch

Kin Joins Solana NFT Space with New Games, Apps, and Marketplaces

Kin Advocates Voices: Rachel van Alphen

The Kin Show

#010 Matthew H. – Exec. Director, Kin Foundation

#009 William M. – Exec. Chairman, Kin Foundation

#008 Geoff W. – CEO Perk.Exchange


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Community Highlights

Kin now has over 1,000,000 holders on Solscan from KinFoundation

KIN LaunchPad, Incubator and Fundraising for New Apps from KinFoundation

Ted Livingston’s comprehensive response to the question of how Kin is coming along from KinFoundation

Two new channels in Kin Cryptocurrency discord Kinbaet and Kurobi from KinFoundation

Repeat message about withdrawing from Mercatox from KinFoundation

Kin Advocates Voices: Rachel van Alphen from KinFoundation

Flexa network outreach from KinFoundation

Community Recaps

Recap for November 8th – December 5th (part 2)

Recap for November 8th – December 5th (part 1)

Recap of last week (November 1st – November 8th)

Recap of last week (October 24th – November 1st)

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