In Case You Missed It – March 2021

Official Kin Newsletter

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Official Blogs

Kin Rewards Engine Performance Report (Q1 2021)

Kin Developer Report – March 2021

Kin Goes DeFi: Kin Liquidity Pools and Yield Farming Launch on Raydium

Joining the Kin Foundation as Chief Technology Officer

Technical Roadmap Through Migration Completion

Top Community Threads

Need your Trust wallet activated or need to know your Kin SPL token address, please read

Peer-to-peer platform for KIN

A clearer picture about wallet issues and difficulties for exchanges

Kreechures!!!!! Hello everyone! Kreechure dev/founder/tweeter here

Impressive Kin Twitter Army

All Kin Newcomers! Feedback wanted!

Blockgames update with resolution for failures

Dual farming RAYDIUM KIN

Kin Türkiye 🇹🇷 | Türkçede Kin birimi topluluğu

The biggest gaining Top 500 coins in the last 24H (on

Kin France 🇫🇷 | Groupe pour la communauté Kin francophone

Need some help for a pinned post on how & where to buy Kin

New community channel on Telegram: Kin India

Social app with Kin Rewards Engine

Kin Apps/Games

Prioritizing Game Developers Unity + Unreal Engine

Call to action

Great to see a hire like this! Big welcome to the new CTO Will Gikandi

Unofficial Discord Channel for KIN

You can now buy KIN with paypal

Kin now eligible as collateral on FTX

Can Kin Reach All Time Highs Again?

Phases 3 and 4

YouTube Videos


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