In Case You Missed It – July 2021

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Bitrue Expands Solana Support With KIN Token

Kin Improvement Proposal 3.0.2

Horizons Law Completes Legal Analysis of the Kin Token

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Recap of the Week

July 17th – July 24th

July 10th – July 17th

July 3rd – July 10th

SCAM WARNING !!! There is again an exact copy of the SOLLET wallet

PeerBet has their own channel on Kin Cryptocurrency discord

PeerBet – iOS update

PeerBet – Multiple token accounts issue fixed on iOS

Kinland now at v0.923 – All reported bugs fixed and faster gameplay

Update from Trebel

Code: a new not-for-profit organization to drive global financial inclusion with Kin

Just Joking has their own channel in Kin Cryptocurrency discord!

Developers site has been updated

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