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Fiyer – AMA

perahodlr: What is your plan for fiat on-ramp in-app? As of today, there is no #KIN app that allow users to buy $KIN. Apps today allow buying of gems/vbucks/etc that you can use in-app.


Our plan is to implement a fiat on-ramp so users, and especially retailers, can buy Kin for spending in the app or hire influencers for product promotion. Retailers will have a web-version so they can access some features, and those features will cost X Kin per month.

A fiat off-ramp will probably also be implemented for users/influencers who want to withdraw their earnings to PayPal (a possible solution).



kawaldeep7: Can we earn kin in fiyer?


For now, there are two options for how you can earn Kin.

  1. By creating content and tagging products related to your image.
  2. Receiving likes from other users.

There is also a X2 option where you can double up your earnings by providing some information, such as birthday, country, city, favorite brands and stores (this is optional).

This data will be used to track the audience for each influencer, so when a retailer wants to reach out to a certain influencer in a specific location, they will be able to sort this data to be sure their products reach out to the correct target group when hiring an influencer.

For the next update, you will also be able to earn Kins if:

  1. You follow a user.
  2. Users are following you.



Muhammedabubakar: It’s any place for staking kin?


Maybe in the future, we haven’t discussed any staking features yet.  



carson_hodl: How did you find integrating the SDK into the app was it easy? How long did it take?


Well, it took about a week to get things started.

The API is easy to use, although there are some hiccups that weren’t directly mentioned in the documentation.

Furthermore, implementation for cross-platforms was so easy, because everything is running server side.



KinFan: What attracted you to Kin and the KRE over other more traditional business models, and where do you see yourselves in 5 years? Thanks 🙂


Since the beginning of this journey, we wanted to attract the younger generation into crypto and we tried some different options and different business models that didn’t work well back then. After seeing the KRE document, we knew this was a perfect solution.

In 5 years, we will hopefully still be working with Fiyer and KF.



GalacticPsychonaught: When iOS? I love creating content and would love to do it on Fiyer!


The iOS version is around the corner and will be released very soon. There is not an estimated date yet.



4_kin: What do you bring to the table that makes you more sustainable than imgvue that was the same concept but went under?


We didn’t have the chance to try the Imgvue app, and we don’t know what kind of app it is and why it went under, but we hope we can bring an app that will have a big influence on the market. We want Fiyer to be a main source for inspiration when it comes to fashion or influence marketing.



RIPcash: You say the app revolves around, “a trendy & smarter lifestyle!” To me, that implies a preference for #fastfashion. I would rather promote #slowfashion as a lifestyle. Are both types of “influencers” welcome?


 It depends on how you look at it. Following the latest trend can also be a lifestyle. We believe there is a big market for fast fashion and an easier way for new influencers to build their audience since people, especially teenagers, always want the latest trend.

We should also not rule out slow fashion. There are many people who don’t care about the latest trend as long as it’s a high-quality product. 

So yes, both types are certainly welcome.



RIPcash: Is the content for fiyer only for products? I have a talented photographer friend who generates interesting content. Can he promote his services through the app?


Our retail option when signing up gives users an opportunity to create products and also create posts where they can promote (tag) their products/services.

This can lead to different retail categories signing up on Fiyer and not just retails for fashion.



Cointoss88: Do you have any brands or influencers interested in working with fiyer at the moment?


We don’t work with any brands at the moment, but we do have influencers who already have collaborations with different brands.



Huge thanks to the Fiyer dev team for kicking this series off for us and to the Kin Community for getting involved.

Download the Fiyer app here:

Stay tuned for more developer AMAs to come…

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