Featured Website – Kin Wallet Viewer

OG Kin supporter and contributor, Casualbob has created an awesome tool for Kin Community members to easily find their public Kin wallet addresses!

Simply enter your Kin 4 wallet address to instantly check the balance…

If you enter your Solana owner address, the tool will show you your Kin token account.


In addition, if you don’t know your new Kin 4 Solana address, just enter your old Kin 3 Stellar address and have the site find it for you…


Kin Wallet Viewer also warns you if you enter a SOL address without a Kin address in it, as well as telling you what you need to do to add Kin to your SOL account.


Click here to check it out!


Tip: Bookmark the page after entering your address to quickly check your balance at any time!

This page cannot access your Kin in any way, it’s simply looking at your public wallet address. This page does not record the addresses you type in.

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