Featured App – PeerBet

PeerBet is a fun and free peer-to-peer social betting game that lets you place bets against other players on the latest sports, political and entertainment events.

Unlike most other sports betting apps, PeerBet is completely risk-free, without ever requiring a credit card. It is therefore a perfect game for people who love to guess the outcome of sports and current affairs, but don’t want the associated risk that comes with betting.

🤝 Challenge your friends or other players by betting against them!
💰 Use your in-game currency wisely!
🏆 Take top spot on the leaderboard!

From their launch in May of 2019 to recently becoming the first app to test a Kin Ads implementation, you can read all about PeerBet’s journey so far via the links below…

PeerBet on Reddit

February 18, 2020
PeerBet – Send/Receive Kin in iOS!

November 1, 2019
PeerBet (v2.0.0) – Private bets and new UI

June 15, 2019
PeerBet Now Live on iOS!

May 11, 2019
PeerBet is now live on Google Play Store!

PeerBet on Medium

June 26, 2020
MadLipz, Peerbet, KinFit, Nearby and MonkingMe are Kin Ad Network Founding Apps

May 7, 2020 Launches with First Partner: PeerBet

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