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Collaborate With Lumos Exchange

Lumos (or Lumos Exchange) is an in-development, non-custodial peer-to-peer exchange that will enable users to acquire Solana assets from anywhere, globally. We’ll be doing what LocalBTC did for BTC, just for SOL, KIN and more!



We’re a community created project that is looking for talented minds to join our team as we work towards our goal, with ownership rights provided to collaborators. At this time we are recruiting:

– UX/UI Designers (Global)
– UX/UI Developers (Global)
– Legal Professionals (Non-UK)

Our open roles are open to most countries globally (via remote roles) excluding the USA, China, Hong Kong, Macau, North Korea, Myanmar, Venzuela, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Crimea and Russia due to legal reasons.


Our Progress (So Far)

1. We’re setting up our online presence with our name (Lumos) selected, our domain (Lumos.Exchange) purchased and our social media accounts being established on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Github and Medium.

2. We’re a legally registered subsidiary of Nimble Innovation Ltd (a UK registered crypto asset company founded in 2018) and will launch as a separate entity (once developed) from 1 of 3 undecided nations (Gibraltar, Estonia or Singapore).

3. We’ve acquired UK based legal partners who are actively advising us to ensure we remain within the guidelines and to assist with any licenses required.

4. We’re developing a reward token with the support of Nimble (developers of the asset NMBL) as a Solana asset.


Important Information

1. We’re currently a bootstrapped project relying on pandemic relief funding as well as personal savings, so at this time, no salaries or wages will be payable. However as a future owner you will be allocated a share of upcoming reward token, as a substitute for this (in time).

2. Ownerships rights may not be available to you (if you do not hold the legal right to own or invest in the UK). We are already talking to our UK advisors on how to get past this.



If you’d like to be a part of this movement, send your CV to and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible.


Lumos Exchange socials and domain that’ll be used from next week…

Twitter: @LumosExchange
Reddit: LumosExchange

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