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Another Look at the Kin Community Rewards Program

By u/Drpoofaloof

By the middle of July, the Kin Community Rewards program will have awarded a total of 1 billion Kin to community members who’ve contributed to the Kin Ecosystem. From bug reports on Github, to open source apps, to blogs dedicated to Kin. This program is rewarding and driving community engagement.

Highlighted Contributions
Let’s highlight three community members’ contributions this quarter as we look to the future of The Kin Community Rewards program.

Simon from PeerBet filed five bug reports on the kinecosystem/kin-android Github ( All of them have been acted on by kikengineering and closed. peerbet_simon has also built an open source app ( which allows anybody to view all of their Kin wallets in one place and see their total value in USD…

Kinkre has started a blog highlighting developments in the Kin Ecosystem. They’ve published two detailed posts, one about Kin Ads ( and a review of KinFit (

Sednax built a Kin Wallet Creator ( and It allows anybody to register a new wallet on the Kin blockchain. This is super useful for both Kin developers and hodlers.

This is exactly the kind of community participation the Kin Community Council wants to award. It’s very exciting that the Kin Community Rewards program has already helped drive this level of engagement after only operating for six months.

Rewarding active participation
The Kin Community Rewards program recognizes active members of the community. This approach is already encouraging contributions that improve the Kin Ecosystem, educate the world about Kin, and build tools that Kin hodlers can use. The more quality submissions made to this program, the more likely it will become a permanent fixture of the Kin Ecosystem. The Kin Community Council now has a powerful tool to incentivize engagement and we are excited to reward this type of community participation.

New blockchain
When Kin moves to the Solana blockchain, the Kin Community Rewards program will become even more important. As Kin increases in capacity and speed, new challenges will emerge. The Kin Ecosystem’s growth can be helped by an engaged community that’s contributing changes and improvements. The Kin Community Rewards program will be right there highlighting and rewarding any submissions that elevate and improve the Kin Ecosystem.

How to make a submission
Visit and fill out the entry form in order to be considered for the next Kin Community Rewards payout. Submissions will be reviewed for the upcoming quarter. Note that this is still an experimental concept, and the program could be modified or discontinued at any moment.

Succeeding Together
The Kin Community Rewards program is incentivizing community contributors to come up with new and innovative ways to help Kin succeed. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! The next deadline for a submission to the Kin Community Rewards program is September 30, 2020.

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